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‘Deciphering the image’

The body of work I have created is inspired by observing the brilliance of braille and how it gives ‘vision’ and ‘sense’ to the world for the blind & partially sighted.
The incredible system of writing was created in the 1820’s by Louis Braille (1809 – 1852) and was developed from a code system called ‘night-writing’ that Charles Barbier (1767 –1841) a captain in Napoleon’s army used to communicate in the battlefield at night. Originally a 12 dot coding method was created, it was then simplified by Louis, who sadly was blinded at the age of three, he converted it to a six position cell embossed system that is still in use today for the blind and visually impaired.
My imagery combines the ‘dot system’ alphabet with portraits that visualises and communicates the narrative or key content of the image – white spots being symbolic of braille letters. Intended to tease out significant elements that I feel my images capture.
Braille seems to be most popular in the older generations today, understandably so, as medical technology evolves to help anyone who have been born blind or lost their sight. The images aim to challenge the viewer and celebrates the ingenious creation by Barbier, and Braille. Will there be a day when braille is fully replaced by technology and a language of the past?
Can you decipher the image?

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