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Nowhere to land – aims to draw attention to and ignite conversations about the importance of the humble bee in our environment.

We constantly redesign and restructure the land to accommodate and satisfy our needs but how does this impact on the animal kingdom that we could respect and not neglect.


There are many threats to the existence of our incredible pollinators, which sadly have been in decline over recent years. According to World Wildlife Fund, habitat fragmentation increases vulnerability of many species of bees, this can be from natural causes but mainly by human activity on the land. Breaking up natural ecosystems confuse and distress our busy pollinators.

Man’s impact on climate change and global warming also proves to have big consequences to bees as they find it  incredibly stressful coping with extreme weather and the  shifting of seasons.

Using manmade products in the still life imagery I want the viewer to respond to the fake-ness and fragility of the bee’s situation in a broken environment. We simply cannot survive without bee’s, ecosystems would alter, our food supply would decline, diets would suffer, it would create a domino effect of disaster for both mankind and the animal kingdom.

The compositions evolved from a short poem written by my teenage daughter, focusing on the plight of the fundamental bee.


There is a decline in our bee’s population

Soon there will be few, and then none

Traveling with heavy burdens, they work until the job is done.

It’s crazy to think that a bee has five eyes yet doesn’t blink to complete his tasks

Do you think they will go extinct - I don’t really want to ask

FR 2023.

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