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Over the past 2 years I have built up and archive of over 3000 images of Leicester and 

its surrounding towns. You could say, it has become a bit of an obsession.

Picturing High Streets was the catalyst and it all began with an image of a donut back in Sept 2022.

A 3-year project was an 'open call' that recorded the stories and communities behind England's

shopfronts to create a contemporary collection

of high street photographs.

Since then, I have photographed daily life, people, 

shop facades, architecture, quirky occurrences,

pet walkers, the city at night, bus stops, ghost signs, and other random nuances.

All of the shots have been added to my Instagram.

page @clair_r_photo but some have also been

included in 'Historic England' Archive.

The images shown in no particular order, are

a study with my DSLR, a range of cheeky candid

captures and some imagery created through discussion by just saying hello.

I can't put all the shots on my website, these are just a few that made the cut, this project is on going , I haven't even included my Norfolk, London and other towns work to this page.

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