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Jeans Hands - All in reach

This body of work is a glimpse into the daily life of Jean. Observed precious and practical moments that connect her to the present and past. Jean is almost a permanent resident (or extended guest) at her daughter’s house since losing her husband. She is seeking a kind and helpful refuge in her old age. She gets companionship, comfort  and love within her surroundings. It’s not home, it never will be but it’s familiar, safe and a haven where she can live out her twilight years reminiscing her life with her daughter Sally and family. By her chair you will see her familiar possessions, nail files, lipstick, notes, lists, recipes, and photographs are close to her, new and old. Placed in little boxes, filed in books, & carefully organized in her handbag – they are both preserving and nudging her memories. The evidence of her world of yesterday and today is ‘all in reach’.

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