‘SATs – Tick one box’

Almost all parents and children in year 6 at primary school will have had many discussions about SATs - Standard Assessment Tests. You will hear mixed opinions about the relevance and if indeed they are important, and if so to whom?

My 11 year-old daughter, has spent much of her time this year devoted to working on Maths, English (grammar, punctuation, spelling and reading) by working though many practice papers. The ‘assessments’ (we used to call them tests) were planned for May 2020. The lockdown CV19 crisis had an unexpected impact on doing the SATs - basically they were abandoned.

Bizarrely enough, I was quite disappointed; on one hand I feel they can put unnecessary stress on young children, on the other I wanted to know what she would have got. I like numbers, scores, and % - I can be a bit competitive. So, we missed out or did we? All that hard work that would have been celebrated with a mass trip to the local bowling alley – do we feel a bit cheated?

So, my house is full of practice papers, scribbles, questions and booklets about Maths calculations and English grammar skills that I honestly struggle to answer.

‘SATs – Tick one box’ is my response and visual tribute to all those children and parents, who feel they lost out this year or maybe dodged a bullet.


After conducting a poll from local parents, 42% were fairly indifferent to if their kids took the SATs or not, 37% would have preferred them to take the assessment (yes - I am one of them) and only 8% were glad their their child didn’t have to take part this year.


Fancy Taking Part?

Show me your SATs practice paper art


Why not ‘up-recycle’, get your family involved too, re purpose some practice papers and transform them into artworks. Although the SATs have not been completed this May. Why not make an origami trophy, weave some pages together, hole punch it, fold it, rip it, write some notes down and fold away your secrets for the future, or simply colour in the pages... And don’t forget - give yourself 3 marks!


Photograph your creation (it can be anything you choose to do connected with your papers) and get your parents to share your image - remember to tag the photo @satspapers2020 - your account will need to be 'public' to show in the collection (link below)

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Be creative and explore the possibilities of what can be done with Maths and English – get some year 6 SATs closure!

All work, photography & content are copyright to Clair Robins 1991-2020 

Please contact me for more details about my work: clair.robins@gmail.com

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