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Being at Home


They say necessity is the mother of invention, when faced with an extended periods of remoteness from normality at home. Confined to my immediate surroundings during lockdown, I looked for alternative ways to creative a personal response to these unprecedented times.

I found it was easy to be absorbed by the mundane, this triggered a photographic connection to my living space, personal possessions and family - can I remember how things were before? When would we see our friends and family again.

The juxtaposition of images/slides and backgrounds create a unique way of documenting the relationship between home life, environment and personal possessions in during our pandemic crisis. Unable to go anywhere, confined and restricted.

These mages allow us to consider a deeper relationship to how we perceive pictorial traditions and the family album, so much in contrast to how we feely ‘swipe’ our moments away today.

Image (neglect) from this collection of work is currently included in 'The Southwest Collective' show - Finding a Way Home - until May 16th 2021

Finding a way home
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