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Did you visit this place?

Our precious planet and todays population are currently paying a hard penalty to our continued neglect and blasé attitude towards Mother Nature. CO2 emissions, pollution, and ignorance to the climate crisis is talking its tole. But are we in a position to act further, be stronger as a nation and planet – listen, respond and respect the experts advice?

This body of work is directly inspired by the experiments and findings of Eunice Foote (1819 –1888)conducted over 175 years ago. Eunice was an American scientist and women’s rights campaigner from New York. She is recognized to be the first person to record that changing the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would change the average atmospheric temperature – basically the impact of carbonic gas on our atmosphere (now known as carbon dioxide) and relationship to the greenhouse effect and climate changes.

My images reflect and question her studies, they identify with our present, and possible future without action. Metaphors and symbolic still-life works are composed to question what we may lose.

Could our slow reaction to her research be blamed for much irreversible damage or can we be excused, move on, and learn from history. Should we focus on a way to protect, educate further and plan for a healthier future.

The greenhouse effect and increase of CO2 has dramatically upset the balance of the earth’s climate. How can we improve and change our daily activities and consumeristic attitude, so we have less impact on the landscape, inhabitants, and unique species that share the world? II strongly believe is possible, and can be done if we unite and educate our leaders, children and grandchildren. ‘Did you visit this place’ is a stark reminder, that we could be losing parts of the planet, I don’t want humans to be on lookers and regret protecting our worlds assets.

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