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Conversation with the past

I am exploring the multifaceted conversations of women from the past. A longing to hear voices & the whispers from history. The images connect us with a different era and way of life. How do we translate & connect to the unknown through photographic metaphors & symbolism? I have merged my collected slide imagery with vintage crochet doilies, beautiful, inexpensive ornamental mats used to protect surfaces and save food. Delicate, practical, and stylish. Crochet, a popular pastime, has a powerful place in history in many cultures, famine relief, war time help and being able to encourage a ‘make do and mend’ attitude. The artworks to tease & explore a compelling new narrative to the scenes that were captured by unknown family ‘amateur’ photographers. I would love to hear the conversations, be a fly on the wall at these moments in time with the women of our past.

International Women's Day 2022

8th March 2022

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