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pollution, marine, sea, plastic, recycle, sand, emulsion
pollution, environment, marine, sea, plastic, recycle, sand, emulsion

Sea Trophies


Today we are all extremely aware that plastics contaminate, harm, and cause serious destruction to our beautiful marine life and landscape.

Over recent years we have seen an increased accumulation of plastic debris on our shores in the UK and beyond.

‘Sea Trophies’ is a body of photographic work (still in progress) that endeavours to raise awareness to the ever-increasing effects of how obsessed we are with ‘convenience’, which ultimately has a major impact on our fragile environment.


Recently, I been compelled to collect, curate and photographically document plastic items and obscure objects that the Norfolk tide has left behind. They are silent souvenirs from a journey in the ocean that have been manufactured by us, yet they also reveal a dark message.

The images have been shot on film and developed with seawater. The photographic emulsion bonds with the tiny grains of sand, seaweed and other microscopic particles, which reveals mysterious patterns and shapes on the negative as they dry. The identities of the items are slightly transformed although still aesthetically converse with the viewer. There is something disturbingly beautiful about these ethereal still life compositions.


My work aims to provoke an emotional response what we choose to buy, use and discard. A basic everyday choice will have a direct consequence on our natural world.


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