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During CV19 outbreak, it's difficult not to view my home, family and daily events with new eyes.


Constant updates on the news brings additional concerns for us all. Quiet conversations take place so as not to worry the children - 'are we going to be poorly mummy?'

Keeping a fun, and interesting day for the kids has its challenges - whilst still attempting to work. The whole situation hasn't really sunk in yet. Questions are now being asked - when will things get back to normal? No one really knows.

Each week we created a very relaxed structure to each day, it seems to work Ok, plenty of reading, limited online learning, craft, baking, art and gardening. (Thank god for the iPad).

How long will this go on for though?


On a positive note, my cheese straw baking skills have really improved, and the subtitles on Joe Wicks PE sessions are quality!

I now have 19 weeks of selected images so far as Leicester has had a further lockdown, shots commencing from 21st March 2020, I am sure I will never run out of things to photograph. My children are still not back at school, there is a calmness to our house, but also a undercurrent of being frustrated, anxious and finding it tricky to get motivated at times. Food is our refuge, looking forward to tea (or dinner, that has also caused a daily debate!

Finally, Leicester was gradually released. (At the start of August) Things are easing and my diary continues, but the imagery had changed, we have more freedom to travel.


Respect to the NHS, scientists and key workers.

Keep safe!

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