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‘Just outside’


A garden is an outside extension to your home, not matter how big or small. Many British love to garden and is an incredibly popular pastime.

It’s exciting to grow your own herbs, hunt for bugs, play football or simply relax, if you have a small plot of green space.

Views alter, colour and textures change throughout the seasons, however one thing you will notice, when you are in a garden, is that you will get first class view of nature. The smells, the sounds and the textures all combine to satisfy your senses.

‘Just outside’ is a body of work that celebrates several local residents of Leicester and their passion for gardening, it also and their enthusiasm to work and support nature.

The diptych imagery combines a portrait, and a detail shot which connect the owner to their canvas – which after months of tending, pruning, and planting becomes their personal haven.

We can connect with nature so many levels by simply sowing some wildflower seeds, to encourage the bees, butterflies, and moths. Stacking wood and leaves to create a bug hotel, or simply letting things ‘go wild’ and creating a mini meadow. You don’t need to travel far to witness delicate flowers, harvest fruit you nurture your space – you will be rewarded. Being outside, in the fresh air is satisfying and great for your wellbeing as well as helping nature thrive.

By looking after nature, nature will look after us.

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