My inspiration is taken from people, objects, belongings and memorabilia that surround us every day. As an avid collector and self confessed hoarder of mundane and quirky items, I assemble my treasures into still life photographs a form of visual story telling. My earlier work used traditional photography practices; however majority of my current work has been photographed digitally. I endeavour to re-present these items and paraphernalia to inspire the viewer and myself as an artist. The composition, arrangement and layout of my 'collections' are uncluttered and often direct. Simplistic lighting and balance are fundamental with each collection. I like the viewer to be challenged on many levels - nostalgia, aesthetic or simply by a personal association of such curiosities. I like to evoke an emotion by producing bizarre collections so the images form a contemporary archive. In addition to still-life work, portraiture is also used to communicate, connect and explore who we are. To me, the mundane is never mundane.

Merging Present and Past
language_Millepiani Rome
Artist Talk Magazine
Derby Format2021
Derby Format2021
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Derby Format2021
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Derby Format2021
Room 5
Room 5
Finding a way home
Artdoc magazine
Artdoc magazine
Passepartoutprize Winner 2021

Exhibitions & Publications


2021 - OpenWalls Arles 2021 is Then & Now - selected image. (1854 Media and British Journal of Photography)

2021 - May - LoosenArt -Language Exhibition Millepiani Rome


2021 - Artist Talk Magazine -Issue 15 -


2021 - “Finding a Way Home” - English Riviera Showcase - Launch 20/4/2021 - May 16th 2021


X-Collab 2021 - Launch April  26th 2021

2021 - Artdoc - Photography Magazine

Selected - Narrative Portraits Exhibition 


2021 - Passepartoutprize - Winner ( 2nd edition)  group exhibition planned for sept https://www.passepartoutprize.com/winners-2

2021 - Format Festival - Several works included in 'The Peoples Picture' Mosaic.


2021 - Selected work ( Now and Then) LCB depot 'Film' Show Event March http://www.lcbdepot.co.uk/event/film 

2021 - LoosenArt - International group exhibition Instability and Precariousness curated by LoosenArt2020


Exhibition runs 15th-22nd April 

(Millepiani Rome)

2020- The South West Collective - Short List - The Pandemic In Pictures Prize Shortlist (selected work shortlisted) 



2020 - Artists Responding to...The Post Card Project ( Selected work included in publication) 


2020 - Rankin2020 - Shortlisted/Published image from part of the Rankin2020 series on Sky Arts (Profits from the book will be donated to Mental Health UK (Expected Nov 2020)


2020 - European Photography 107/108 inclusion


2020 - PMN (Magazine) Selected Artist Issue 1 'Embodiment' www.paintmenickel.com


2020 - L.O.V.E ART Selected Artist 2020


2020- Newwalk and Museum Art Gallery - Open 31 selected work.


2020 - Inspired by Lockdown - (Sept-Dec) Selected pieces projected in Leicester Newwalk museum and art gallery Victorian Gallery and in virtual exhibition 'reflecting 'lockdown 2020'


2020 - Short listed in CUPOTY (close up photographer of the year) - Manmade Category



2020 - Selected images on the 'Sock Gallery' Virtual Exhibition on instagram


2020 - Flea Circus Magazine Contributor - First Edition Selected Artist (Printed volume 1 - Sept 2020)


2020 - Nottinghamshire Wildlife trust - POSTCARD SHOW (planned for 2021)

2020 - Selected - Saatchi 'selected' Favourites (#FoodArt) '#SaatchiTakeOver' (instagram)

2020 - Art-Hole-Magazine (a-hole) - Volume 1  -Selected artist www.ahole.co.uk

2020 - The CLUNKER - 2020 line up (postponed due to CV19) 


2020 - Dot-Dot-Dash - SURFACE GALLERY Nottingham 


2020 Public Source - PS contributor - covoid 19 archive covid19.publicsource.xyz

2020 - Pretext: The Mask We Wear  - (Selected Works included) The Hidden Half and Concealment of Self) a visual and contextual response exhibited at Curve (Leicester), as part of the wraparound activities connected to DMU Pride Festival 2020 and Andrew Lloyd-Webber & Cameron Mackintosh’s sell-out production of Phantom of the Opera. The festival is curated by DMU students - Feb 18th 2020 - March 14th 2020


2019 - Dangerous Pockets Project - A community art collaboration - Inspired by a poem 'Dangerous Coats' by Sharon Owens. Facilitated by artist Paula MacGregor


2019 - Open 30 - New Walk Museum (15th Dec - Jan 25th 2020)

2019  - L.O.V.E Art - LOVEArt the Leicester Open Variant Exhibition CURVE Leicester Monday the 14th of October - 24th November 2019


2018 - The Cank Street Gallery Show Case Leicester JUNE - AUGUST https://www.cankstreetgallery.co.uk/collections/summer-open-2018 selected work from unnecessary-usage

2017 Selected images for: artonapostcard 


2017 -  Work selected for 'Open 28' 

http://www.visitleicester.info/things-to-see-and-do/arts-museums/exhibitions/open/ work 

2017 - Selected works at 'Cank Street Gallery' Leicester Open 

2017 - Selected image for ' Magnum Swap Show' @ Print Space London June 2017 https://www.theprintspace.co.uk/blog/swap-shop-shortlist

2016 - POINTS OF DEPARTURE - Leila Houston, James Chantry & Members of Silver Vine Arts

2016 - Open 27 (New Walk Museum) leicester

2015 - Silver Vine Arts - Summer Trail Exhibitor August 22nd - 31st / Former Existence Images on display at Queen Of Bradgate 97 High Street Leicester LE1 4JB




2014 - PH21 - http://www.ph21gallery.com Body Exhibition



2014 - Photoplace Gallery (Middlebury, VT USA) - The Traces Left Behind - Butter, Bleach and Banana's - Selected work

(http://www.vtphotoworkplace.com) http://photoplacegallery.com/past-exhibit-archives/the-traces-left-behind/

2014 - Cank Street Gallery, Leicester (http://www.cankstreetgallery.co.uk)

2014 - Foto39 - Selected Work (http://www.foto39.org) http://www.foto39.org/2014-artists.html

2013 - Sandergram / Leicester People's Photography Gallery - Grandma's Shears http://www.leicesterpeoplesphoto.co.uk/the-sandergram-exhibition/

2009 - LCB Depot, View From This Side, Leicester  (solo show)

2009 - Disappearing Traditions - Peeple Centre, Leicester, (International Womens Week Festival)

2008 - Lost and Found - City Gallery Open, Leicester

2000 - Selected works at the International Photography Exhibition, Atelier de maintenance, Arles, France

1992 - The Picture House Leicester - Museums in Motion Exhibition

1991-2012 Art works selected for The City Gallery Open - Granby Street and Newwalk museum, Leicester

TSWC - Pandemic in pictures
TSWC - Pandemic in Pictures
European Photography 107/108
European Photography 107/108
European Photography 107/108
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Art in Lockdown_Clair Robins
Art in Lockdown_Clair Robins
Art in Lockdown_Clair Robins
Art in Lockdown_Clair Robins
Art in Lockdown_Clair Robins
CUFOTY plastic creative photography black and white
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Key rings
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Saatchi Gallery - Takeover #FoodArt
Frogs are funny
Love Art 2019 curve theatre
Pretext 2020
Eating My Words
'dot dot dash' Surface Gallery Nottingham
The shy Dancer - The Queen of Bradgate
Art at the chapel 2019 - I find it kinda funny
Open 30 - Museum
Art at the chapel 2019 - I find it kinda funny
Cank Street -
The Beautiful Game - City Gallery
View from this side
View from this side
View from this side
View From This side