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Robins is a British photographer and visual artist based in the Midlands.

She often gravitates to the beauty, obscurity, and ambiguity of everyday life to creatively capture and record the mundane. 

She is an experienced Educator working in Further Education, and her career has spanned over both darkroom and digital technology. Much of her current work has stemmed from her obsessive passion to collect and hoard objects. Items appear in her work from her past and present, creatively integrating nostalgic memories to explore fact and fiction. 

Robins has the ability to sympathetically visualise and communicate an extensive range of concepts through her unique visual language and often compelling narrative. Her observations can be obvious and direct, but also pithy with quirky humour.

Both spirited and serious messages are poised in her ‘constructed’ scenarios, which are personal and sometimes intimate. She uses her daughters as ‘props’ in her photographs to realise her visions of ‘how we live’ in the 21st century. Collections, artefacts, and portraiture are sympathetically merged with memorabilia, text and still life. Her composition aims to probe and connect with ‘who we are’ and where we have come from. She likes to capture fleeting moments of our constant impact and existence in the world. She is relentless at recording and re-evaluating our environment. It’s fairly easy to recognise that the mundane is never mundane in Robins’s compelling creations. 

Picturing H 6.jpg
Picturing H 1.jpg
Triptych photograph of a girl
Triptych photograph of a girl
Picturing High Streets - Format
Picturing High Streets - Format
Picturing High Streets - Format
Beyond Dust
Beyond Dust
She /Her
Environmental concern
Decade of Change
Bath Photo Festival 2022
Portrait of britian _edited.jpg
Potato Necklace
Precious Potatoes

Exhibitions & Publications


2024- “Little Faces Big Feelings” - Exhibition - The Library of Birmingham, UK from 18th April until late June (spearheaded by Maria Reaney.)


2024 - 'Rising' work shortlisted in 'Climate Creatives Challenge' Coastal Change #4

2024 - LoosenArt - Exhibitor of work in group show.

5 January - 1 February, 2024  Millepiani - Via N. Odero,13, Rome - IT POSTCARDS

2023 - Recount Artist Exhibitor -Recount Photo Award Exhibition 
Exhibition Venue: Edinburgh Photographic Society
Dates: October 20th to November 5th, 2023


2023 - To The Sea - Shutter Hub Exhibitor 

19 Oct 2023 – 10 Oct2024 Les Alizes (outside),Boulevard de l’Égalité, Saint Gilles Croix de Vie France


2023 "ME" Photography Exhibition at Leicester Museums 

April-Aug 2023  in The Leicester Stories Gallery.

Leicester Museum & Art Gallery
53 New Walk, Leicester LE1 7EA

2023 - Picturing High Streets & Historic England

Historic England 

Picturing High Street Collection 

Touring Exhibition venues

News Story Jan '24

News - The Guardian Jan 24

2023 - Beyond Dust - LCB DEPOT  'Format' Photo Festival inclusion Satellite venue. LCBDepot Film Event  March 11th to 31st


2023 - 'Portrait of Humanity' Awards (Volume 5) Published and short list. Portrait of humanity Volume 5

2023 - BROAD MAGAZINE  - Reppink Selects: BROAD MAG

2023 - Art Doc Magazine - On line Exhibition - Alternative Process

2022- See-zeen  - A response to the 'Queen'

2022 Decade of Change 1854&BJP - @InCadaques 6th Edition International Photo Festival Sept-Oct 2022 Incadaques2022

*images compliments of Galeriemade

2022 -NPG (National Portrait Gallery) Platinum Jubilee, 'recreation of Royal portraits' second place prize winner.

National Portrait Gallery

2022 -‘Decade of Change’ global photography award & exhibition for 1854 & British Journal of Photography. 
The work will form part of a touring exhibition, kicking off at Belfast Photo Festival from 03 June to 04 Sept 2022 and 

2022 - Bath Photo Festival Selected Exhibitor - 'All in Reach' - Jeans Hands Evidence II - Bath Photo Fest 2022 

2022 - ROAD TRIP Publication - Shutter Hub Road Trip


2022 - YOUR BODY BELONGS TO YOU - Shutter Hub

Les Alizes, Boulevard de l’ÉgalitéSaint Gilles Croix de Vie, France

18 April – 18 September 2022

Your body belongs to you

2022 - SONY World Photo Competition Short List 'Creative - 2022 Open' Exhibition at Somerset House London, 13th April - 3rd May 

Winners Gallery

2022 - FILM - LCB Depot 2022 Exhibition, Leicester

2021 - Portrait of Britain Winner - work on display until end Jan 2022 - JCdecaux Billboards, over 100 locations

Portrait of Britain Winners 2022

2021  -  'Head On' Photo Festival - Exhibitor

19th- 28th November 2021 -  Bondi Beach Promenade, Australia

HEAD-ON - Merging Present & Past review

HEAD-ON - Exhibition profile & images

2021 - 1854 & British Journal of Photography - Selected Exhibitor, A once-in-a-century Photography Collection curated to reflect a year of global pandemic life.

Edition 365

2021 - 3Shot Festival - The Triptych photography Festival - First Edition.

2021 - Open32 - Leicester Museum and Art Gallery.

2021 - ROSL  (Royal Over-Seas League) 'International Friendship’, Exhibition shortlist - contemporary creative culture throughout the Commonwealth, selected from over 500 entries and 40 countries. 10th December - February 2022 

Royal Over-Seas League, Over-Seas House, Park Place, St James's Street, London

2021 - Photo IS:RAEL International Photography - Exhibitorפסטיבל-הצילום/

Tel  Aviv - 'Meeting Point'

Meeting Point

17-27 Nov 2021


2021 - Love Art Exhibitor - Leicester - Nov 2021 work on display at LCB Depot Leicester, included in the curatorial choices 2021. (Magic of the Real)

2021 - Creative Lockdown Exhibition - Exhibitor (Art in the Chapel) Leicester 9th-22nd November


2021 - Shutter Hub 2021 Year Book - Selected Work Included

Year Book 2021


2021- AxisWeb - FIVE2WATCH Feature

Five to Watch

2021 - Artdoc Magazine - Experimental Photography Magazine Featured Artist Experimental Photography

2021 - August - Proud 2nd place (& 4th Pace) winner of the 'Potato Photographer of the Year 2021' 

Photo Photographer of the year 2021

2021 - How I see you - Float Magazine, on-line exhibition artist

How I See You

2021 - OpenWalls Arles 2021

Then & Now - selected image. (1854 Media and British Journal of Photography) 

Open Walls Winners

2021 - May - LoosenArt -Language Exhibition Millepiani Rome


2021 - Artist Talk Magazine -Issue 15 - 

2021 - “Finding a Way Home” - English Riviera Showcase - Launch 20/4/2021 - May 16th 2021

2021 - X-Collab 2021 - contributor 

2021 - Artdoc - Photography Magazine

Selected - Narrative Portraits Exhibition 

Narrative Portraits

2021 - Passepartoutprize - Winner ( 2nd edition)  group exhibition planned for sept Winners Page

2021 - Format Festival - Several works included in 'The Peoples Picture' Mosaic.

The Peoples Picture - Format

2021 - Selected work ( Now and Then) LCB depot 'Film' Show Event March 

2021 - LoosenArt - International group exhibition Instability and Precariousness curated by LoosenArt2020

Exhibition runs 15th-22nd April 

(Millepiani Rome)

2020 - The South West Collective - Short List - The Pandemic In Pictures Prize Shortlist (selected work shortlisted)

Pandemic in Pictures

2020 - Artists Responding to...The Post Card Project ( Selected work included in publication)

2020 - Rankin2020 - Shortlisted/Published image from part of the Rankin2020 series on Sky Arts (Profits from the book will be donated to Mental Health UK

2020 - European Photography 107/108 inclusion 


2020 - L.O.V.E ART Selected Artist 2019, 2020, 2021

2020 - Inspired by Lockdown - (Sept-Dec) Selected pieces projected in Leicester Newwalk museum and art gallery Victorian Gallery and in virtual exhibition 'reflecting 'lockdown 2020'

2020 - Short listed in CUPOTY (close up photographer of the year) - Manmade

2020 - Flea Circus Magazine Contributor - First Edition Selected Artist (Printed volume 1 - Sept 2020)

2020 - Selected - Saatchi 'selected' Favourites (#FoodArt) '#SaatchiTakeOver' (instagram)

2020 - Art-Hole-Magazine (a-hole) - Volume 1  -Selected artist

2020 - The CLUNKER - 2020 line up (postponed due to CV19)

2020 Public Source - PS contributor - covid 19 archive

2019 - Dangerous Pockets Project - A community art collaboration - Inspired by a poem 'Dangerous Coats' by Sharon Owens. Facilitated by artist Paula MacGregor

2019 - Open 30 - New Walk Museum (15th Dec - Jan 25th 2020)

Leicester Monday the 14th of October - 24th November 2019


2017 Selected images for: artonapostcard

2017 -  Work selected for 'Open 28' work 

2017 - Selected image for ' Magnum Swap Show' @ Print Space London June 2017

2016 - POINTS OF DEPARTURE - Leila Houston, James Chantry & Members of Silver Vine Arts

2016 - Open 27 (New Walk Museum) leicester

2015 - Silver Vine Arts - Summer Trail Exhibitor August 22nd - 31st / Former Existence Images on display at Queen Of Bradgate 97 High Street Leicester LE1 4JB

2014 - PH21 - Body Exhibition

2014 - Photoplace Gallery (Middlebury, VT USA) - The Traces Left Behind - Butter, Bleach and Banana's - Selected work

2014 - Foto39 - Selected Work (

2013 - Sandergram / Leicester People's Photography Gallery - Grandma's Shears

2009 - LCB Depot, View From This Side, Leicester  (solo show)

Merging Present and Past
language_Millepiani Rome
Derby Format2021
Artist Talk Magazine
Derby Format2021
Room 5
Derby Format2021
Room 5
Screenshot 2021-06-21 at 19.19.26.png
Screenshot 2021-06-21 at 19.19.35.png
Passepartoutprize Winner 2021
Artdoc magazine
Artdoc magazine
TSWC - Pandemic in pictures
TSWC - Pandemic in Pictures
Finding a way home
European Photography 107/108
European Photography 107/108
European Photography 107/108
Art in Lockdown_Clair Robins
Art in Lockdown_Clair Robins
Art in Lockdown_Clair Robins
Art in Lockdown_Clair Robins
plants flowers travel instagram
CUFOTY plastic creative photography black and white
Frogs are funny
Love Art 2019 curve theatre
Summer Art Trail - Former Existance
Eating My Words
Circus - Open 30 newwalk museum leicester circus
Saatchi Gallery - Takeover #FoodArt
The shy Dancer - The Queen of Bradgate
Open 30 - Museum
Pretext 2020
Art at the chapel 2019 - I find it kinda funny
Grandmas Shears - Sandergram
The Beautiful Game - City Gallery
View from this side
View from this side
View From This side
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