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Dirty Bowls

Is a ‘still life’ commentary on my ‘not quite a teenager’ daughter studying at home during remote learning sessions in the Spring term 2021. I can’t really call it ‘home schooling’ as I’m not actually involved much. Notes on her arm and Alexa reminds her to do things, and majority of her sessions are on-line with electronic, and written assignments to submit. There are also a few live meetings thrown in for face to face discussions (and maybe to check on well-being). Impressive delivery by the new local school to be fair that also encourages excellent engagement in these unprecedented times. 

However, it’s not school as we know it. Additional to the ‘school day’ routine, I have observed and heard new habits emerging. Her relationship to food is a focus point of the day “It’s break” or “I’m on lunch” echoing though the kitchen as she struts in and empties the fridge and moans there is nothing in there  - then retreats back to her room with a plate full. I didn’t expect to see her eating in her room until she was a bit older, let’s face it during a normal school day, she would be outside in the ‘playground’ chatting and getting fresh air. It seems the bedroom is a more inviting retreat as I am also ‘interfacing’ busy doing my work (or ‘interfacing’ as my husband fondly calls it). There is no down tools in this house because it’s ‘lunch time’ - everything merges into one and is on the go.

The bedroom is her sanctuary though, her private space, a comfortable hang-out to feel safe and calm, however it is now it seems it is also a dumping ground for used crockery that never gets returned to the kitchen. 


My images items are a snapshot of her new hobby ‘crockery hording’ – the build-up of items before half term. The delights of dried up breakfast, crumbs from lunch, remnants of snacks and fruit waste reflect this new way of living. I see this will be a new battle ground as this new ‘thing’ is an indicator of life when she really is a teenager.

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