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Big Girls.

This body of work investigates the complex and multifaceted relationship with my daughters Florrie (6) and Polly (3). I am consumed by their desire to grow up, yet they are still children. They need to embrace childhood. These images tackle the naïve roads they daily travel in their attempt to seek maturity and ultimately ‘To be a big girls’.

The photographs explore the brazen show of chipped nail varnish, bruises; temporary tattoo’s, and their belongings so as to tease our ideas of sexuality, oddities and representation in and out of the playground. My vision emphasising the obsessions, trends and crazes that young girls can be infatuated by. 

I don’t think any parent has the foresight to realise how fast our babies grow, my camera is the witness to the intimacies, emotions and raw beauty of a young girl. This body of work is now a historic document that captures ‘normal’ moments in our family life whilst representing quirky childhood fantasies that were too beautiful not to be captured with my camera.

Is this work too nostalgic? Can this work fit within the family album? Or does this work show evidence of me as a ‘photographer’ or as a ‘mother ‘trying to preserve spontaneous yet carefully staged moments with my daughters.

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