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For years I have been strangely compelled to photograph dead animals, it started in the early 90’s on film and over the recent years digitally.

To me there is something rather fascinating about seeing their remains in various states of decay. I choose not to take the animals out of their habitat when photographing them, I want them to remain quietly in the place they took their last breath. Photographically, it’s important not to decontextualize them from their natural environment.

Bones, fur, feathers and skin, nails, beaks and guts are explicit in the compositions however as the images are desaturated intentionally, so it gives the viewer a chance to look and examine the creatures before they gradually decompose and waste away.

Some may find it rather morbid, disturbing a little grotesque to view, but I am also sure others are curious and compelled to look and contemplate their little corpses. After all, we don’t see death as pretty and connect it with pain and sadness.

These images are permanent and preserved so their beautiful remains will be forever immortalized before slipping quietly back to the ground. They will contribute to the essential part of all life cycles on earth.

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