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Message from the Grandparents


Before the coronavirus my parents, always collected the kids from school once or twice a week. 
My mum always did (what she would call) "A bit of a tidy up". She wanted to help out with our busy lives. Simple little jobs, cut the lawn, empty the dishwasher or fold the clothes from the drying airer. These were much appreciate, she had a magic touch with making the lounge cushions look like a show home! I also always seemed to have a 'job' for grandpa (keeps him busy and gives him an excuse to go to the shed). Maybe a broken toy, or just general things to fix and sort out - these would be taken home and return magically the following day in the porch! Obviously this helpful weekly event has not taken place over the past three months - it is really missed! However, with the occasional essential drop off or collection, we still receive the odd message or item from them, always in a bag 'for protection'!

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