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I am quite sentimental, as you get older the fear of mortality creeps its way in, like a quiet ticking clock that is always in the background. The impact of my children growing up, getting older, is an everyday reminder of my future destiny.

I want to protect my children from the unrealistic demands of adulthood and keep them close in our safe family bubble. It’s quite impossible. I am the voyeur in their lives.


These images capture my ideal of childhood moments. The imagery expresses simplicity and innocence. This body of work is a collection of inanimate objects that shows unrivalled purity in its crudest form. We may have hundreds of portraits on the iPhone that reflect the physical changes of growing up, but these works pay homage to the darker side of childhood, the scrapes, obsessions and poignant moments that encompass tears and little quirks of growing up. The purity of their innocence.

blood, tissue, cut
plaster, skin, blood
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